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Eureka! The primal reality is Zero Cubed


   Eureka! A simple underlying form generates
   our universe: a fifth- dimension Sphere which
   turns inside out
[evert], then turns outside in [invert],
   oscillating at the cubed speed of light.

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The 3D universe
is on the mirror-like skin
of a vast Sphere. Inside the Sphere is mind.
Outside is matter. An
inside-out oscillation
of the Sphere, blends mind with matter in
the fourth dimension: Time. The Sphere
is located right here, coincident with
our own planet Earth.

  24th September 2003
  by Fintan Dunne,
   Author: TreeIncarnation.com


The equation can be
loosely stated as:
" Oh: Eye, See "

O everts to I
inverts to O
at C cubed

Zero Cubed = One

In Full:
Reality is a hyper-oscillating, 5D sphere everting/inverting;
blending mind and matter in a time dimension.

Eversion makes the chaos of matter.

Inversion gives
the order to mind.

"Psyche and matter exist in one and the same world, and each partakes of the other..
If research could only advance far enough, therefore, we should arrive at an ultimate agreement between physical and psychological

Carl G. Jung
'Aion' - Princeton University Press, 1959 - page 261.

"Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches
of the psyche."

Carl G. Jung
'Memories, Dreams, Reflections' - Vintage, 1963 - page 335.

"It is this unifying Self of a collective unconscious that can be hypothesized as the unexplored source of an inconceivable energy for change - the psychic equivalent of Einstein's E=mc2."

James W. Douglass
Lightning East to West,
The Crossword Publishing Company, New York, 1984, ISBN 0-8245-0587-5.

This Sphere-Cubed insight is of such Copernican scope; yet is so blindingly obvious in retrospect, that once you grasp it, your world view changes instantly and forever. Would that Einstein could have lived to see this day. Or Carl Jung for that matter. To see the mind-matter relationship laid bare. To witness E=MCsq now encapsulated within a new level of understanding.

Galileo ushered in a 3D vision to 2D flat earth Europeans. Einstein's science heralded the examination of the fourth dimension. This model comes in the era of the move to the fifth dimension. Galileo and Einstein are not discarded, just incorporated in a higher understanding. Furthermore, this model of reality puts humanity back at the center of the Universe again, before modern science demoted us to mere specks in the vast firmament.

In the new vision, mind and matter are understood. With new understanding, we can connect with our God nature and reassert the ancient claim that man is truly the measure of the universe.

But, there are a few intellectual rocks to be rolled aside. First, this one: "The sun and moon are exactly the same size when observed from Earth, but this is just a coincidence." Big mistake.

There is only one planet yet known in the universe from which it's Sun and Moon appear equivalent. The Earth. And any theory of reality which fails to account for this, is incomplete. Ignoring this grossly improbable solar:lunar equivalence does'nt make it go away.

Neither can we we ignore Louis Pasteur's discovery of a mysterious biological anomaly. Normally, crystals and molecules are found in two mirror image forms. And these mirror images exist in equal measure --adhering to the laws of probability. However, Pasteur found that in living tissues, amino acid populations are entirely of one mirror image only. Amino acids in tissues invariably have a left-handed twist. That's like tossing a coin and having it improbably come up heads virtually every time.

Third, we cannot simply ignore the mirror plane running down the center of the bodies of all higher lifeforms on Earth. Every human is a walking mirror plane --our right being a mirror of the left. Again, any theory of reality which ignores this, is incomplete.

Improbable solar:lunar equivalence; improbable amino acids in life, and an unexplained body mirror plane. These are the clues we all overlooked. But what if one explanation linked and answered all? Our new model will explain all three and much more besides.

Some hints: The implication of the solar:lunar equivalence is that both bodies are meant to be observed from Earth! The implication of the amino acids is that God is left-handed. The implication of our bodily mirror plane is that there is an implicit mirror plane in everything! You will see.

The Sphere-Cubed model resolves many intractable knots in existing theories of creation and the nature of reality. Plug any of the major theoretical trends into the Sphere-Cubed model and they find an explanatory home.

The new model explains dark matter and dark energy. It accounts for anti-matter and time reversal. The model reconciles mind with matter, and God with science. Eur--eeee-ka!


The mirror plane is the key to all this (as outlined in earlier work). We all take mirrors far too much for granted. Let's follow Alice's example. It's time we examined mirrors closely.

It is a workable hypothesis that mirrors exchange left and right. After all, our own reflections in a mirror are oppositely handed: raise your left hand before a mirror and your image raises it's right hand.

But this simplistic left:right understanding is undone when you wonder why top and bottom are not exchanged in the same manner that left and right seem to be. Get a mirror; try it and think about it. Mirrors do not simply exchange left and right. Which is why they fail to swap top and bottom.

First mirror axiom: Mirrors turn things inside out
. We can simply demonstrate: Put a light clear plastic surgical glove on your right hand. Now place your gloved fingertips against a mirror. A gloved left hand appears in the mirror, seeming to touch your gloved right hand.

Now, leave the mirror aside and bring your two hands together so that fingertips and thumbs of both hands are touching. The appearance is similar to that in the mirror --except your left hand is ungloved in reality.

Still pressing your fingertips together, ask a third party to peel the glove off your right hand and draw it over your left. In the process the glove turns inside out. You have performed a mirror operation on it. Mirrors turn things inside out.

Second mirror axiom: A physically flat mirror is cognitively a curved mirror surface. We can illustrate by examining first the converse of this:

The converse is true of any lake (Earth's natural mirror surfaces). A small area of the still surface of a lake seems cognitively to be flat. But as the Earth itself is curved, these natural mirrors are actually physically curved surfaces. They only appear flat locally.

Now conversely, man-made mirrors are physically flat surfaces which, we assert, are actually cognitively curved. Every flat mirror is cognitively curved.

Hold on, you say, It sure doesn't look curved. Yes, but recall that lakes are cognitively flat, but truly curved, so maybe the mirror is truly flat but cogntively curved after all.

This axiom must seem curious. It is certainly intriguing. Is there really a converse relationship between natural water-mirrors and man-made ones. Any, if so, why?

But, we have'nt proven all this yet. I am just asserting it in this axiom. The next axiom will prove it. We are getting close now.

Third mirror axiom: All mirrors are curved surface sections of a single cognitive sphere.

Take all the mirrors in the world. Lay them on the ground --face up-- by the millions, all over the world. Now you see the reason the last axiom asserts that each mirror is cognitively curved.

Imagine all the mirrors growing larger, until their edges touch to form a vast curved surface which creates a single global mirror sphere. Every mirror is a view into a common cognitive sphere.

Each of us imagines that the reflections we see in mirrors are private creations. They are not. No person has ever had such a private view. Every single glance into a mirror is a view into a collective interior cognitive space. Let's examine that space.

Fourth mirror axiom: The far side of a mirror is a concept zone of pure forms.

First: Take a hand mirror and see how it reflects the room you are in right now. Carefully scan the appearance of that mirror room and commit the view to your memory. Now place the mirror face down on a surface, or even in a drawer. Where has the mirror room gone?

Second: Imagine that one wall of the room you are in right now, has a wall to wall, floor to ceiling mirror. Note the appearance of the mirror room. Now leave the room you are in. When you are absent the room, does the mirror room exist?

A mousetrap is a concept. Bear in mind that a room is itself a concept. It is a living space concept, developed by humans. So, even if the "reflections" still somehow exist in the room you just left, they are just a jumble of psysics and the mathematics of photons. Meaning is as absent as you are.

Try another illustration: As you look into a hand mirror, twist and jerk it in your hand, causing the mirror room to sway and veer wildly. The mirror room is weightless and has no inertia. It is pure form with no substance.

The other side of a mirror is a concept zone of pure forms.

Many a brilliant invention has crossed the mirror plane, out of that concept zone, and into our side of the mirror where jets fly, turbines hum and mousetraps snap. Some inventions, such as Internet browsers, even manage to make it back across the mirror plane again into the concept zone. Here they render web pages like this virtual article you are now reading.

Fifth mirror axiom: Mirrors are portholes into the individual mind, the collective mind and thus the mind of God.

Putting previous axioms together, we see that a mirror is a view into a collective interior cognitive space of pure forms. In other words: a mind. The surface of this mind-space is the conscious mind --the observer. Inside, is a group mind that is both unconscious and superconscious. Inside, is the domain of instant form.

Consciousness is the surface area of the Sphere. The volume inside is One Mind, out of which forms evert; to which all forms r-evert.

" It returns to nothingness.
The form of the formless,
The image of the imageless,"
-Tao Te Ching

The Sphere everts, inverts, everts, inverts. It manifests,
then observes the manifestation (thinks), then manifests again.

These forms within, evert out across a mirror plane. Where, mind finds itself within our cartesian perceptual reality. What was first cognized as pure form, has everted into manifestation.

A Sphere eversion creates an Identity in a world of manifested forms. Creates the I within the world. Then oservation re-cognizes what was manifest. Re-cognition is the inversion of the Sphere.

" Ever desireless, one can see the mystery.
Ever desiring, one sees the manifestations
These two spring from the same source."
-Tao Te Ching


Now that we can model the universe as an everting/inverting Sphere, we can examine how exactly this happens and where the cube comes into all this. sphere The mirror plane is the key to all this (as outlined in earlier work). We all take mirrors far too much for granted. Let's follow Alice's example. It's time we examined mirrors closely.

of the.Article continues here shortly......
Fintan Dunne 19:30gmt 26 Sept

              AS ABOVE --SO BELOW
              Star from Rough Diamond

For every Root in Hyperspace,
there is a Branch in Space: a Star.

For every Branch in the Mind,
there is a Root in Hyperspace: a Concept.

For every Branch in the Tree,
there is a Root in the Earth: a Family.

For every Root in the Earth,
there is a Branch in Time: a Person.

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