The Science
of Meaning

Future and Past
are produced out of the
timeless Now zone.

That Now zone is a mirror,
like the mirror surface of water. Our bodies also have a vertical mirror, split into Left and Right.

From out of the Now, Mind branches above, and matter Roots below. On opposite sides of a Mirror Plane.

The Future is Mind.
The Past is Matter.

Creation started within the
Mirror Plane and extended
away on both sides.

Across this mirror, Mind and Matter interchanged by simple mechanisms such as physics and chemistry. Later, life evolved abstract mechanisims like language.

Increasing complexity developed on one side, abstraction on the other. These complimentary, pairings are also known as Pattern and Pattern Recognition.
Pattern Recognition has evolved through layers of abstraction into Mind.

This Hyperspace Mind has already divided into many person-leaves on the Tree of Life.

Although leaves fall to earth each autumn, they are reborn each spring --without fail.

Our life is acomplished by TreeIncarnation.

The Science of Meaning

Branching Through Time

TreeIncarnation forms a convincing body of evidence
showing how the tree of life carries us as it's leaves.

Based on the Science of Meaning, a breakthrough
on the origin of our universe and the eternal nature
of humanity. Cogent insights, unfold in a blend of science, philosophy and Jungian psychology. Revealing the underlying dreamscape which drives our life drama thru time.

To re-create ourselves in our image and likeness,
we reflect thru mirrors in mind and in matter.
One mirror plane divides the body left and right.
Another splits trees into branches and roots.
Each mirror process contains truths we
penetrate to achieve illumination.

TreeIncarantion is a scientific exploration of the hidden mechanisms of life. Although it illuminates religion, it is not a religion. It is a science.

The Earth a circle revolving round another circle. We cannot fall off the edge of the world.
Neither do we die --for life too is a circle.

Discover the underlying biological, psychological and spiritual processes which drive the Tree of Life through time.

You are a leaf on that tree- eternally budding.

You have branched through time eternally.