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"Something Wonderful" is about to happen!

  6th November 2003
  by Fintan Dunne,
   Author: TreeIncarnation.com

"Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure
of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches
of the psyche."

Carl G. Jung
'Memories, Dreams, Reflections' - Vintage, 1963 - page 335.

"Psyche and matter exist in one and the same world, and each partakes of the other.. If research could only advance far enough, therefore, we should arrive at an ultimate agreement between physical and psychological

Carl G. Jung
'Aion' - Princeton University Press, 1959 - page 261.

" The sphere and the
cube together represent Knowledge, Beauty
and Life.
The sphere corresponds
with the feelings or heart, (affective) and the cube to thought and intellect (cognitive)."


" Oh Eye See "

O everts to I,
inverts to O,
at C cubed

Simplified as:
Zero Cubed = One

Reality is an
oscillating sphere,
which everts and
inverts; to blend
mind and matter
into space-time

Eversion produces the explicate chaos of matter.

Inversion produces the implicate order of the mind.

Every wave crest
is an eversion and every trough is an inversion.

The equation can
be loosely stated as:
" Oh Eye See "

Note: Though C is stated
here in conventional meters
per second, it is more a
function that a mere speed.

Internet radio interview
with Alex Merklinger on Mysteries
of the Mind
about the

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Naturally, everybody is focussed on the astonishing solar activity we have witnessed recently. But events elsewhere in the solar system may soon be coming to our attention.

Newly discovered in the last two weeks by astronomical observer Olivier Meeckers, is a mysterious black spot on the surface of the planet Jupiter. A minor development, noticed by only a handful, but one with very interesting potential --for reasons both scientific and symbolic.

First the scientific:
Jupiter is a gas giant which is next in size only to the Sun itself. Now, conventional physicists believe that gravity is the primary force regulating our solar system. So the effects of recent solar flares on Jupiter should be negligible. But if we accept --as per Professor James McCanney-- that the electromagnetic nature of the solar system is just as important, then a different picture emerges.

We see that just as Earth is susceptible to immediate effects from solar electromagnetic activity, then the solar systems most mutable plant Jupiter, is also responsive to these solar eruptions. Even more so, as Jupiter being gaseous has the flexibility to react more dramatically that Earth.

Now the symbolic reasons:
Jupiter's newly discovered black spot is just one of a number of related celestial symbols. This Saturday, November 8th, the astrological chart of the planets forms a six-pointed celestial star called the Harmonic Concordance. This symbolizes an awakening of soul consciousness -- joining physical reality with the energy of Spirit.

On the very same day we will have an eclipse of the moon, followed later this month by a solar eclipse on the 23rd November.

Interestingly, Jupiter features in one of our most famous sci-fi tales, Arthur C. Clarke's Oddessy series. In the book and movie 2001, a black monolith on the moon which is broadcasting a signal in the direction of Jupiter, is dug up by investigators. Then the Discovery heads for Jupiter to determine the reason why the monolith is sending signals there. Famously, the rampaging supercomputer HAL 9000 aborts the mission.

In the movie's sequel, 2010, a second mission returns to Jupiter nine years later, and finds a black monolith orbiting the planet and the empty, Discovery craft. They restart HAL and also encounter Dave -who turned into a starchild in 2001. He tells them to take off for Earth immediately because "something wonderful" is going to happen.

Before they can leave, the monolith disappears, and they notice a mysterious black spot on the surface of Jupiter. On their next orbit around the planet they see millions of monoliths swirling out of the spot. The monoliths swarm across Jupiter, consuming it and turning it into a second sun - a new star. There are obvious echoes in all this of the astrological star on November 8th 2003.

Back in early October, before the discovery of the spot on Jupiter, I completed and published a new theory which says the underlying structure of the universe is a hyper-sphere oscillation, turning inside-out at the speed of light cubed. The name I gave to this was the IO-Sphere. ("IO" meaning inside-out.) Interestingly, of course, IO is also one of the moons of Jupiter. It seems all roads now lead to Jupiter.

Another reason I have a personal interest in all this is my participation in breaking the story --suppressed by NASA-- of the close encounter between the Sun and the Comet NEAT v6 in February this year. Space.com had a field-day attacking my website GuluFuture.com for alleging a NASA cover-up.

I wrote then that the coronal mass ejection between Sun and comet Neat was like the "Divine Spark" between the finger's of God and Man in Michelangelo's famous painting.

The entry of the comet into the solar system, in symbolic terms is analogous to the entry of the sperm cell into the ovum. Both are the penetration of the stable female circle by anarchic masculine energy. The electrical discharge between the comet NEAT and the sun represents the moment of conception

If Comet Neat in February 2003 was indeed the conception of the Star Child, then it does seem interesting that after a gestation of nine months we are now having unprecedented solar flares. Are they the signs of a birth of some sort. If so, it has been a tough gestation, featuring a War in Babylon and the close approach of the war planet Mars. But now we have an astrological star in the sky --and a spot on Jupiter which could be the start of something astounding.

The themes of 2010 are the creation of a new sun and about a new beginning for mankind. The heavens are speaking right now. Mind could be about to transcend matter --as the matrix falls to an explosion of divine spirit. Keep your eye on Jupiter, especially around the 23rd of this month. It may be about to give birth.

Fintan Dunne, 6th Nov., 2003
Copyright ©


A Cubed IO-Sphere Creates the World

Sphere Eversion: Oscillating the Whole Universe

The Mirror Mind of
the Cyclic Universe

              AS ABOVE --SO BELOW
              Star from Rough Diamond

For every Root in Hyperspace,
there is a Branch in Space: a Star.

For every Branch in the Mind,
there is a Root in Hyperspace: a Concept.

For every Branch in the Tree,
there is a Root in the Earth: a Family.

For every Root in the Earth,
there is a Branch in Time: a Person.

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