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Tree of Life, branching
through time with us
as it's leaves. [Intro]


of Meaning

The Cubed IO-Sphere

Oscillating the Universe

Mirror Mind World
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Milo Wolff Dec 18th, '06
A Universe of Waves


Episode 1 Jan 3rd, '06
The Looking Glass Key

Episode 2 Jan 9th, '06
Floating on Nothing

Episode 3 Jan 15th, '06
Universe in Your Hands

Episode 4 Feb 2nd, '06
Cracking The Matrix

Episode 5 June 23rd, '06
Mind Over Matter

Episode 6 Dec 12th, '06
The Immortal You

Episode 7 Jan 5th, '07
Bucky Fuller &
The Hidden Nature
of Space

Episode 8 Jan 17th, '07
How Immortality works

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Episode 1 : The Looking Glass Key

Science is searching for a Grand Unified Theory which can integrate all of our
knowledge about the universe into one fundamental explanation. That search
is hampered by the assumption that mind is a mere biochemical artefact which
evolved in the already-existing universe. Wrong. Mind is the compliment of
matter, and has existed since the universe first formed. This is a holographic
universe which blends mind and matter.

This breakthrough is the precise underlying structure of the
holographic system. And it has implications for our conventional
notions of life and death. To be blunt, it means that we are immortal.

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Our exploration begins with the mirror plane.
The following images
are referenced in the audio above.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7


Figure 8

Figure 9

Figure 10

Star from Diamond

For every Root in Hyperspace,
there is a Branch in Space: a Star.

For every Branch in the Mind,
there is a Root in Hyperspace: a Concept.

For every Branch in the Tree,
there is a Root in the Earth: a Family.

For every Root in the Earth,
there is a Branch in Time: a Person.

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