Suppose our rituals of death and mourning are entirely misplaced.

Suppose all human deaths are completely misunderstood; that no meaningful death takes place and that scientific proof of this is already scattered through mainstream science.

Recall the conjuring trick where a woman in a box is sawn in half. As the magician onstage resolutely cuts through the box, we clearly see the female assistant inside. Her feet and hands protrude from both ends of her soon-to-be coffin. When the sawing is done the magician seperates both halves of the box. Amazingly, though surely dead, the woman is still turning her head and wriggling her feet. What really happened?

By a sleight of hand, a trick of light and a quirk of expectation, we were psyched out nad duped. At key moments our attention was diverted and the illusion of magic was created. So, pause before accepting that what the audience sees at a funeral is real. Perhaps from backstage, the conjuring trick can be clearly seen. We are going backstage on death. That's the mission.

You see, I have attended at many funerals. I believed on face value what I saw. I shed my share of tears, but always felt something was wrong with the picture. All the while investigating death through hyperphysics, philosophy and psychology. Finally to savor that eureka moment when my jigsaw jumble of half-glimpsed truths finally gelled into a new vision.

Now I still stand at gravesides, but rather than experiencing the crushing inevitability of death, I feel an uplift of the spirit and I celebrate life. Superstition has yielded to intellect, and life and death at last make sense.

The real world is all around right now. But you are a stranger in it. You do not recognize it. We are strangers all. Before our mind's eye is depicted every detail of life, but we do not see. The real world exclaims the story of it's origin and destinations, but we do not hear.

We see not and hear not because we have been brainwashed. Because, from birth, we haver been psyched out, duped, misled and misinformed. A comprehensive mesh of illusions has drawn us into a Santa Claus fantasy for adults which poses as the truth about life. Yet, just as every child eventually realizes the truth of Christmas, we will uncover here the true nature of our reality.

The ultimate conspiracy is the ultimate lie. That lie is Death. And if that most cruical lie falls to reason, the unreal matrix which cloaks the real world will unravel. What you read here will uncover that lie and will overturn your view of the world as thoroughly as did the Copernican revolution.

Of, course, every culture is an unconcious conspiracy of worldview. Just as every individual mind is a conspiracy of shifting evaluations. From the conspiracy that your tummy looks flatter in that dress; to the conspiracy that your local football team is more noble; to the conspiracy that our nation wages only just wars.

The Science of Meaning

This is no religious treatise, the mechanism of our discovery is pure science of observation and reason. We will be dealing with what is understood to science already; with the tangible; with that which can be seen and analysed. No faith required. Just a spiritually-enhanced reason.

These ideas will allow you become at one with the world. What a treasure. But the same vision may also leave you a stranger among your own kind, for the matrix is woven tight, and this conspiracy of unconsciousness is only barely glimpsed.

You see, lying about death creates a false power and is also incredibly profitable. Every religion is testemant to the power that can be wielded by stories about death. Every wealthy doctor is proof of the financial rewards to be gained by pomising to stave off death.

Death is smokescreened by so much religious and social politics, no wonder science has tended to steer clear. Yet we will achieve a scientific, rational understanding.

In the Western world, there are two main opposing themes in death lies:

These two views command a monopoly on the answers to death. Both are incomplete versions of a much deeper reality. Both of these themes arise from unconcious conspiracies of power.

The truth about death disables power structures. The truth about death is liberating.

I hope you too will have your own eureka moment as we uncover the truth. I hope it brings you peace. I hope it makes you rejoice.

For, if death is a lie.

You.... are surely immortal.