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The Sun, JFK, Arthur & The Rising Galactic Cross
NEW Part 2 on Thursday, 27th November, 2003.

  24th November 2003
  by Fintan Dunne,


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" Sphere within a Sphere "
Vatican City [Pomodoro]

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SOHO Nov 10, 2003

Thanks to correspondent Thomas J. Mattingly who points out how the SOHO image of Nov. 10th is very reminiscent of the Pomodoro sculpture "Sphere within a Sphere" which is outside the Vatican and also at the UN HQ in New York.

The solar coronal hole appearedafter the Harmonic Concordance Nov. 8/9th,.

The symbolic meaning is the sphere of the sun is unlocking to reveal that which is within.


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SOHO Nov 13, 2003

"The Sun is like a snake that sheds its skin,"
says Dr. Nat Gopalswamy of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, lead author of a new report in the Astrophysical Journal.

"In this case, it's a magnetic skin. The process is long, drawn-out and it's pretty violent. More than 1,000 coronal mass ejections, from the polar regions, are needed to clear the old magnetism away. When it's all over the Sun's magnetic stripes are running in the opposite direction."
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18th Nov., 2003

View Solar Flare
13th Nov., 2003

View Solar Flare
12th Nov., 2003

View Solar Flare
4th Nov., 2003

View Solar Flare
2nd Nov., 2003

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John Kohl of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said: "It's like the Earth is looking right down the barrel of a giant gun pointed at us by the Sun...and it's taken two big shots at us. I have not seen anything like it in my entire career..."
30th Oct, 2003.

The unprecedented solar activity drew the New Scientist online to finally acknowledge that solar activity has been trending up for over forty years.

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"Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure
of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches
of the psyche."

Carl G. Jung

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Things are going to slide
in all directions
Won't be nothing you can measure anymore

The blizzard of the world
Has crossed the threshold
And it has overturned
The order of the soul

There'll be the breaking
of the ancient Western code
Your private life
will suddenly explode

There'll be phantoms
There'll be fires in the road
And the white man dancing
See the white man dancing

    Leonard Cohen, 1992

"I didn't want to tell the folks waiting outside the hospital that the President was dead, in so many words. So I said to them: 'Ladies and Gentlemen
 ...Excalibur has sank beneath the waves'."
     Senator Yarborough,
     Nov 22nd in Dallas.

In Senator Yarborough's reference to Excalibur at the time of the death of John F. Kennedy, he speaks in the dynamics of the Mirror Plane. The emergence of Excalibur from the lake --held aloft by the Lady of the Lake-- corresponds to the gift of Sophic feminine spirit and wisdom.

That Mirror Plane cannot be penetrated from our material side. Only the action of spirit from the other side --extending the sword of truth for us to grasp, enables us to slay with it the demon: the Mind Matrix which binds us.

The surface of the lake is directly analogous to the Mirror Plane of the psyche: itself reflected in the vertical symmetrical plane running down the human body.

With one eye in darkness and one eye in light, our minds sit astride this primary mirror in the brain-body plane. The resulting stereo vision is our Field of Dreams: a symbol-rich landscape in which we resolve the mysteries of transcendence.

King Arthur of legend, JFK in the modern era, and of course Christ, all became sacrificial lambs by virtue of having taken the gift of Excalibur.

Beyond knighthood, the armor of the Knight --like the sheet-metal of the modern car-- is the psychological defense which must be removed. The knight's consequent vulnerability is the necessary precursor to transcendence. But that very vulnerability also exposes one to attack from the dark side of the human psyche.


Kennedy was not perfect, but had gifts of the spirit: charisma, intellect and astonishing volubility.

His death was more than just a conspiracy of vested interests. It took place with the hidden will of all. It was a psychotic backlash against transcendence. itself.

That sacrificial death became a primal cathartic event. The countless witnesses to his murder realize at the level of the psyche, that they have again slaughtered the Christ Child (translates as El Niņo). In fact, it is the ritual murder of the Sun King. This is the cathartic scope to those events in Daly Plaza, Dallas, 1963.

We are rightly fascinated. It is not by chance that we have the Zapruder film of the death moments of Kennedy. Synchronistic circumstance has arranged that we view the death of the sacrificial lamb again, again, again and again.

There is no escaping it. Through Kennedy we are present again at the foot of the cross as Christ dies. We cannot tear our eyes away. The death in Dallas was the highlight of a play enacted the Psyche. A psycho-symbolic Great Play.

Our collective lives are entranced by scenes from these Great Plays. Conventional reality is driven by deep ocean currents of the Psyche. Currents that that carry apposite psycho-symbols to the surface. Reality is story. Classic scientific causality is merely the mechanism --Psyche drives the plot.

This is what I call The Science of Meaning. All is meaning. Best to call it a Metaphysics of Meaning --for it the prime force which underlies everything.

Flowers bloom in May. Frost bites in November. There is an Overworld. There is an Underworld. The wheel turns. The Christ (JFK) dies and descends to Hell. The wheel must turn some more for the resurrection to take place. Meanwhile, leaving hardly a ripple, Excalibur is withdrawn beneath the lake surface.


Whenever Excalibur is taken back across the mirror, we plunge ever deeper into a period of mourning and loss.

We have been in that period since 1963. That was when the cultural rot set in. We have been in our collective dark night of the soul. But, the process is cyclic. The wheel has turned some more. Soon we shall enter a decisive phase when Excalibur will once again being held out to us. We must grasp it and not relinquish our grip. This time, it may be the key to heaven.

This time, our daytime dreamscape is turning again into a psycho-dramatic Play of great moment and global scope. Even more so than in Dallas. The future of the whole planet is now at stake. If the 'whole' be at stake, then transcendence. will be offered to the 'whole' of humanity. "For many are called........"

It is a cycle as simple as day and night. As Sunset is followed by the Moon rising, so the death of the Sun King was followed by the artifice of the supposed Moon landing which the deceased president had espoused. But like the moon itself, the technological achievements celebrated in the dark era are just a pale reflection.


Now the sun is rising again. Indeed, the final Great Play has already begun. The curtain-raiser was the dramatic fall of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. (WagKingdom.com)

Beneath the thin veneer of propaganda, that event was born of the machinations of power seekers in the Western elite.

A deliberately staged PsyOp event. A well designed military psychological operation to condition the population into a mode of fear. And a deliberate assault on the mass psyche for effects conducive to a war ethos, the erosion of civil liberties and the ring fencing of existing power structures.

As with the faked moon landing, 9/11 was the dark side clutching at Divinity with all the elaborate fakery of technological pretense. But these pale reflections were themselves always under the sway of the Collective Psyche. That human power play was itself but a tool of the Psyche. The deeper level is the prime mover of all events, including the futile scheming of the elites. For the first shall be last.

Futile, because the Twin Towers were symbols whose collapse represented the fall of the twin towers of Duality. For eons, side by side have stood these edifices of Good and Evil; light and dark; day and night; male and female and the plethora of other duality's which have been the very crucible of human experience.

Now they fall. Now the human chick cracks
the eggshell Matrix and emerges to a new life of flight.


This is the era of which the prophets have spoken. These are the birth pangs of the new Heaven and the new Earth. The fallen Sun God is about to be reborn, in Phoenix flames of truth and justice.

The cycle is as inevitable as sunrise. Which is why the Sun burst of unexpected eruptions. Just the initial sputterings of coming dawn.

The great explosions to come will be more than solar. They will resemble the cosmic Big Bang. The eruption of humanity's Cosmic Mind potential approaches. But not yet. First we will have some more fun from the Sun.

How do we assess the current unprecedented solar activity? Are the recent solar flares just an initial salvo, or the start of a period of intense solar activity.

Continues in Part II of this article.

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