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The Sun, JFK, Arthur &
The Rising Galactic Cross

Part 2 on Thur, 27th Nov., 2003.

  27th November 2003
  by Fintan Dunne,


Why, you may ask are we even considering that strong solar eruptions may continue take place --despite the relative calm in the last week. Well, it's the sheer concentration of alignments and symbols around this time.

All these must be seen in the context of the galactic alignment called the "Erection of the Galactic Cross".

Earth’s plane about the equator is tilted with respect to our orbital ecliptic plane. These two planes create an intersecting line called the vernal axis. That axis precesses over about 26,000 years --altering this alignment.

Similarly the solar system is tilled as it orbits the center of our galaxy. This gives us a fixed intersecting line --the galactic equatorial axis. The changing angle between the moving vernal axis and the fixed galactic axis is the "Cycle of the Holy Cross."

Currently the vernal axis is about perpendicular to the galactic axis, which makes a celestial cross. The Holy Cross. The exact moment of alignment is uncertain because over these vast distances, even a fraction of a degree of arc makes a difference of years in determining the moment the cross is perfectly perpendicular.

All this is happening also in the slow march towards the year 2012 -the end of the current cycle in the Mayan calendar. Many are aware of the significance of that date. But astrologer John Mirehiel, who first identified the forthcoming alignment in 1998, says that confusion over Mayan-Georgian calendars means that 2003 may be the real 2012.

Even if the 2012 date is correct, it not just a question of an event many years away which need not concern us now. There are wheels within wheels. We can expect that as the tiny gears which drive the celestial wheel reach their own alignments, these will be generate shock points along the way to 2012. One such seems to be taking place now.


These last few weeks have seen a great concentration of solar outbursts, celestial alignments and symbolic events.

On Oct. 19th, astronomical observer Olivier Meeckers, discovered a mysterious black spot on the surface of the planet Jupiter. Interestingly, Jupiter features in one of our most famous sci-fi tales, Arthur C. Clarke's Oddessy series. In the movie 2010, millions of monoliths swirl out of a black on Jupiter spot. The monoliths swarm across Jupiter, consuming it and turning it into a second sun - a new star. That's a story in itself.

By late October, the Sun was already beginning to display increased activity as we approached the Harmonic concordance.

This relates to the position of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the planetoid Chiron on November 8/9.
On that date they formed a Grand Sextile – a six-pointed star formation around earth considered traditionally to be a creative and productive alignment.

Jupiter, part of the Grand Sextile, was in a stressful square aspect to Pluto (90 degrees in celestial longitude).

That same weekend a total lunar eclipse occurred. The eclipse took place Saturday night, Nov. 8 in the Americas and early the next morning in Europe and elsewhere. In the same timeframe as the Harmonic Concordance November 8/9.

At the other end of November, a total solar
visible only in the Antarctic region also took place. In the period between these two eclipses,
was one of the greatest ever recorded periods of
solar eruptions ever seen. And contained yet more symbolic events.

As discussed in Part 1 of this article, a day before the solar eclipse on the 23rd of November, the 40th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy took place.

Around the same time, protesters in London, toppled a 25 foot effigy of George Bush in London's Trafalgar Square, in a deliberate reenactment of the toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. Days later, Georgian Leader Shevardnadze resigned in a nonviolent velvet revolution. Those are potent sociopolitical indications.

But there are physical effects no less potent.
Solar activity is likely to have weather implications.

Climatologists view the Earth as a self-contained weather system and downplay the role of the Sun in short-term weather effects.

But Professor James McCanney's electrical model of the solar system provides an electromagnetic basis for how solar activity can have immediate implications for our weather.

The polar vortex of winds circulating the North Pole is speeding up and scientists can't figure out why. Here's the answer: we are speeding up as we approach the center of the transcendent vortex of change. The same vortices exist in the micro-physics of the atomic domain. At the macro planetary level, as the polar vortex speeds up, it seems to have shifted the western US jet stream with consequent weather effects.

Those effects were seen in California on the 13th of November, when a ferocious storm dumped five inches of rain in just two hours on southern Los Angeles, and left parts covered by up to a foot of hail.

"It was just unbelievable," said National Weather Service meteorologist Curt Kaplan. The previous record for the area was 6 inches, he said "but that was in an entire day, not in just two hours."

The loop between space weather and Earth weather completes when we compare Kaplan's comments about the unprecedented storm, with sun scientists' shocked descriptions of the unprecedented solar activity.

At the end of October, John Kohl of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said: "It's like the Earth is looking right down the barrel of a giant gun pointed at us by the Sun...and it's taken two big shots at us. I have not seen anything like it in my entire career..." The solar storm which hit Earth was described by Joe Kunches, lead forecaster for NOAA's Space Environment Center as "one of the largest space weather events I've seen in 30 years."


The days around 27th November have potential for significant solar eruptions. When I asked professional astrologer Denyse Baham to determine the sidereal chart for the day, she responded: "This could be scary".

According to Baham, these days feature a Cardinal T-Square. Pluto (in Scorpio) is at the apex with Mars (in Aquarius) and Jupiter (in Leo) in opposition, while the Sun is in Scorpio. What is involved here is lots of energy and hidden power. An explosive combination, she says. [View Chart]

That's interesting, because in tropical astrology, there are a pretty explosive signs too. If I tell you this date is the birthday of the solar Jimmy Hendrix and the mild-mannered, but explosive Bruce Lee, you will probably see what I mean. Given that the previously active sunspots are lined up facing Earth right now, we could take a direct hit from coronal mass ejections, were they to occur.

Now, as I conclude this article, the sun is erupting again, unexpectedly, because solar activity had diminished in recent days. The sunspot count has pushed back up to over 200 in the last 48hrs.. The eruption today began at around 9 a.m. GMT. We may have more fireworks yet in the current phase.

Recent research has confirmed that the solar sunspots trend is sharply up in last 300 years. Indicating that this is indeed a time of great change.

As Dr. Nat Gopalswamy of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center said in recent days, "The Sun is like a snake that sheds its skin. In this case, it's a magnetic skin. The process is long, drawn-out and it's pretty violent. More than 1,000 coronal mass ejections, from the polar regions, are needed to clear the old magnetism away. When it's all over the Sun's magnetic stripes are running in the opposite direction."

The other snake which sheds it's skin is, of course, ourselves --as successive waves of human infants emerge from the womb and shrug off the bodies of the previous generation. Or the previous incarnation, to be more precise. Eventually, the new life within will shed the skin of dualistic materialism itself. Such a time is now. The only puzzle is to determine our current position in the grand cycle of change.

See also Part I of this article.

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