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Note that this material is from September, 2002.
It lays out the core ideas which have really come
together in the latest articles. See: Part 1 and Part 2


It's the structure of creation.


Cyclic 'Branes'

Cyclic Brains


Prof Neil Turok
Cambridge University

"The big crunch is the collapse of one extra dimension"



  The latest Big Bang theory proposes
  a cyclic universe --driven by colliding
  membranes. The new model supports
  analysis that a human-like mirror mind
  created our universe. The wall
  in science is coming down.

  17th September 2002

  by Fintan Dunne,
   Author: TreeIncarnation.com

Big Bang researchers have developed a landmark theory, with just-glimpsed implications which dethrone established scientific views of the world. Princeton's Jeremiah Ostriker has called the theory "..the first new big idea in cosmology in over two decades."

Were Louis Pasteur alive he would be overjoyed. The new theory intersects with his conviction that the left-handed twist of amino acids in living tissues held the key to the mysteries of creation. He was right.

In 1851 Pasteur wrote: "I am on the verge of mysteries and the veil which covers them is getting thinner and thinner." But it has taken another 150 years to fully dissolve that veil. Let's examine the new theory, then see how this links back to Pasteur.

The most recent breakthrough has come from Princeton University's Paul J. Steinhardt and Cambridge University's Neil Turok. The two leading cosmologists have confirmed the applicability of string theory to a cyclic universe. According to this view, universes are created and then disperse into space, one after another, with each cycle lasting trillions of years.

A variation of this concept known as M theory, proposes that the universe consists of two parallel sheets, or membranes, in a higher dimension. The two so-called 'branes' are separated by another dimension only nanometers wide. When the membranes slap together, they trigger the big bang and begin rapidly expanding like stretched latex.

On the membrane which holds the known universe, this bang generates the particles and forces which form our Milky Way. The other membrane contains "dark energy."

Over trillions of years the membranes continue to expand, growing darker, colder and more diffuse. When the 'branes' eventually become flat and featureless they collapse and come together for another cosmic bang.

As they approach each other, both 'brane' surfaces warp and develop topographical features: hills and valleys on their surfaces. These features determine where the matter and energy of the big bang will subsequently appear as galaxies in our 3D space. The cycle repeats indefinitely --which answers, to a degree, the question of what came before the Big Bang.

It's a significant improvement on the idea that the universe exploded out of a tiny dense point called a singularity. Theories have attempted to fit matter, energy, and the recently postulated dark matter and dark energy, together in a singularity. But the work has proved a conceptual and mathematical nightmare. Now, the new model spreads the inflationary bang out across an entire plane. The idea avoids the need to rewrite the laws of physics in order to try expand the universe out of a point.

"As long as the temperature is high enough where things are boiled into their elementary constituents -- quarks and electrons -- that's enough to restore the conditions we need to explain the history of the universe," says Steinhardt.

Cosmologists are divided over the latest theory, despite it's explanatory power. The underlying mathematics are boggling, but let's just take the core of the Two branes idea and see how beautifully it dovetails with a visual and structural analysis of the world around us.


If the universe was formed between two planes, then we should find evidence today of such a pivotal event. Cosmologists look for confirmation in the depths of space.

The idea that such evidence could be found in human anatomy does not sit easily with the view that humans are just an accidental afterthought of the cosmos. But actually, human anatomy is the definitive reality check for any cosmological theory.

So, where can we find two adjacent "branes" with matching topographical features? Well, our bodies have two "brain" hemispheres and we have mirror-image body features --either side of the vertical plane down the center of our torso which is our inbuilt plane of symmetry.

It get more interesting. Brain functions are not symmetrically distributed in both hemispheres. Rather, the hemispheres have an asymmetry of function.

The ABSTRACT right hemisphere is holistic, 3-D, visuo-spatial, contextual, and excels at open-ended tasks. Just like an atomic electron.

The CONCRETE left hemisphere is analytical, symbolic, poor spatially, literal, and excels at structured tasks. Just like an atomic proton.

There is a clear equivalence between brains and "branes." Brain function is split into the concrete and the abstract. The Big Bang "Branes" are likewise split into concrete matter and the ephemeral "dark energy."

But there is something wrong with this analogy. Our bodies do not have all the energy on one side and all the matter on the other. Both sides are equally real and concrete in physical terms. So, these two body planes must somehow interpenetrate each other. And they must do so in a way that is consistent with how the two creation "branes" connect and interpenetrate. Here's how:


Imagine the branes are linked by uncounted trillions of slightly elastic strings. The strings join points in one brane to corresponding points in the other brane.

As the branes separate, the strings are pulled taut. When the branes reach the limit of the string length, they draw together again. The strings are waves.

Suppose we simplify. Instead of trillions of strings, we generalize to show just one wave between the two branes. Like an infinity symbol between two planes. This is the space-time wave.

A similar structure results if we had made a conceptual leap of considering the two branes as sheets of corrugated perspex. When the corrugations are aligned the same direction, the two sheets touch at all points. If we then turn one sheet through 90 degrees, the corrugations themselves will make the sheets move apart so that they only touch at one point. We can say they separate as a result of a rotation.

Enough conceptualizing. Time for a reality check with human anatomy --where we find that the eyes and the sides of the head are two planes separated by a wave.
Looks like we are on the right track. And there's more.

Now let's see how this wave merges into the branes bounding each end. So far we have simplified the interaction. Actually, the space-time wave is a vortex from one brane wrapped around a vortex of opposite rotation from the other brane. As if, in this diagram, you were to rotate the planes in opposite directions, twisting the fabrics on each side of the central blue area.

A reality check now: clasp your wrists in front of your body such that the heel of each hand is over the pulse point inside the opposite wrist. Your fingers and thumbs will wrap around the forearms in a splayed fashion whereby each hand describes a vortex of opposite rotation. A vortex from one brain wrapped around a vortex from the other!

Our simplified single wave model, implies opposite rotation black hole vortices in each brane --joined back to back. The whole is like a conjoined trombone with a tennis ball in the narrowest part. Each vortex converges on the ball at it's center point opposite the vortex.

Looking down the black holes either side of this cosmic trombone, we see both sides of the encap-sulated ball of "white energy." Human conscious-ness perceives this energy on many harmonic levels.

On the "Sun" side of the trombone, this is the white energy which makes the sun shine. It is also the energy inherent in the female breast --which exudes a sustaining white milk. Looking into the "Moon" side of the trombone, is like going backstage for a rear view of our universe. Rather than a gravity hole, there is an energy hole. Through it, we can see as if through a veil. The dimly seen glow of the sun on the other side of the membrane we now perceive as a moon. This is the "white energy" which lights the night sky.

How can the fiery sun of day and the relatively cool moon of night be so close? Try the polarizing rotation trick to see what is going on. Take two polarizing sheets, then rotate one through a 90 degree angle. Now no light penetrates. In a similar way, the 'moon energy' and 'sun energy' coexist because they are in zones of space and negative space created by opposing rotations in a higher dimension.


Reality check time. The eyes form an infinity symbol. Let's call the outside point of the eyes the 'Alpha' and the 'Omega'. The point between the two eyes is the 'Now'. So, the width of the human head is clearly equivalent to the maximum separation of the two creation branes.

If the branes have black holes, we should also find a black hole in each side of a human head. Obviously, the "black holes" are our ears.

And when we look inside our ears, what do we find? We find spirals in each inner ear, and like the brane vortices, they too are of opposite rotation!!

Wave Generators


Now we can build "The Cardboard Cutout Universe Generator." Take a cereal pack and draw two circles --using as a template a plastic container lid that has a point in it's center.

Cut out the circles and make a tiny hole in the center of each. Cut from the edge of each disc along a radius to the center. You can optionally cut a sliver of arc out of the disc at this point.

Hold the circles with their glossy sides facing and slide the two circles together along their radii, so that each covers half the other. Now rotate one until only a small arc of the circle behind shows through the cut.

With this cosmic toy you can model why two twelve hour rotations make a single day: one rotation brings the dark circle to the front; flip the cuts when they are aligned and a second 12 hour rotation returns the discs to their prior positions.
You can model the rising and setting of the sun. You can crudely model the phases of the moon.

If you could spin the discs in all orientations
at the speed of possibility itself, you could generate the observable universe. This is the quantum oscillator: a wave generator that gives the universe wings on which to fly.

A 360 degree counter spin by each helix is the basic construction of reality. Larger counter -spins generate the harmonics which build complexity out of fractal simplicity. The counter rotating helix structures are the real heart of our model.

You would expect that increasing the angle gets back to the starting position (one full turn). But the spin is the shape of a hyperbolic curve and never quite manages a full turn. As the angle increases we get ever-shrinking spatial separations and ever-increasing time separations. Space contraction and time dilation. Reality Check: a heartbeat, in other words.

As the heart powers the body, so also the helices generate the two brane sheets. Like this: The surface of your bath water is a flat plane. Then you pull the plug and the water swirls away down a vortex into the plug hole. Now imagine time were reversed --and your bath mysteriously filled from out of the plug hole. The vortex would unfurl into a flat plane before your very eyes.


In human anatomy we can find many more reality checks for the structure of our cosmic creation model.

The double trombone looks like a pelvis, does it not? Pivoting about the pelvis, the sweep of our legs is an echo of the radial wave generators. From another angle, the navel also marks the center of this helical swirl. The interpenetrating of the branes is seen in the way the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa, through a bundle of nerve fibers called the corpus collosum which joins the two brain hemispheres.

Our hands are a perfect model of the branes and the waves. The palms are branes and the fingers are waves. Clap them together. Clap! You just simulated the big bang. A round of applause, please. Applause is a celebration of the creation event. Clap, clap; bang, bang; life life. Skeptical?

Try this: Place your palms together, as if to pray. Recall how we described the separation of the branes being a rotation within the plane itself? Now, rotate your palms through 45 degrees in opposite directions, while bending your hands inwards at the knuckles. This will create an enclosed space between your hands --bounded by palms of space and anti-space; and fingers of wave and anti-wave.

You are now holding a "white energy" ball and also mimicking the primeval cell. This drawing apart as you rotate and bend your hands is modeling cell division and the copying and splitting of cellular DNA. And, you already know that DNA is a double helix. Still unconvinced?

Well don't there twiddling your thumbs..... Actually, perhaps you should! Bring your hands together, overlapping your fingers. Then twiddle your thumbs clockwise, then anti-clockwise. Hey, It's the quantum oscillators! Each of your 90 degree opposed thumbs is now twiddling at 45 degrees to your palm.

You are a walking test lab for cosmological theories. Welcome to the Anatomy of Reality. Now, perhaps it is time to pause, review and also see where Pasteur fits into all this.


Basic physics determines the laws of probability must be preserved. Crystals and molecules can be found in two mirror image forms, but these mirror images exist in equal measure --adhering to the laws of probability.

However, Pasteur had uncovered a startling anomaly. In living tissues, amino acid populations are entirely of one mirror image only. Amino acids in tissues invariably have a left-handed twist. That's like tossing a coin and having it come up heads virtually every time.

Imagine you stood in front of a very special mirror. In this mirror --as with a normal mirror-- when you raise your left hand, the image holds up its right hand. Suppose the special mirror could also mirror your amino acids, twisting them to the right --not the left.

That mirror must exist. Take our coin tossing analogy again. If I am tossing and getting heads only, then there must be somewhere a poor schmuck throwing tails only. Otherwise the laws of probability are broken. Those right-handed amino acids have got to be out there somewhere. No wonder Pasteur was intrigued. This issue was the first to enthrall him as a young scientist.

Now, our creation branes are somewhat of a mirror. The two membranes have mirrored topographical features, but they are not the same. One holds matter and energy, the other an unknown "dark energy." Could the "dark energy" brane of the cyclic model be the elusive mirror where the missing right-twist amino acids are to be found? You bet it could. This is getting curiouser and curiouser, as Alice might say in Looking Glass Land. Let's find out exactly what is on the other side of that mirror.


A common mirror is strikingly similar to two adjacent creation branes. A mirror has two planes --the front and back of one sheet of glass. One side of the glass is silvered to produce the reflection, the other side is clear. Similarly, one of the creation branes matter, the other is "dark energy." By carefully examining the mirror process, we can discover how hyperspace and space-time to interract with each other.

First, let's take a closer look at ideas about infolding and encapsulation. The vacuum of empty space is not empty at all. It is full of scalar potential. Scalar means: order the unordered. This hyperspace potential is all around us; inside every part of space-time The universe is like a vast hologram, where every part contains the whole universe.

Here is a simplified model of the interaction between the complex brane and the space-time brane. As soon as the planes make contact, one plane infolds into a circle, encapsulating part of the other plane in a point inside. Then mirroring and counter-flows take place, the precise of which will be explored in a forthcoming article.

From the space-time perspective, it seems the hyperspace plane has infolded invisibly inside space-time But on the hyperspace side, the mirror reverse is happening: the space-time plane is outfolding into hyperspace, but in a diffuse fashion. This infold/outfold mechanism is bi-directional. And what seems infolded on one side is actually outfolded on the other.

When the Star Trek 'Enterprise' engages hyperspace drive, it does not really rush away at super-light speed as depicted on TV. Rather, It infolds, disappears and then unfolds elsewhere in space. In nature, a tree infolds it's structure into a seed, drops it to the soil below (the event horizon), and the seed outfolds into a new tree.

The fertilization of the ovum is also an infold/outfold process. Point-sized 'hyperspace' sperm infolds into the space-time circle of the ovum. Later, a child outfolds back into space-time.

Notice how the eye is similar to a womb. The eye and brain also operate by infold/outfold. The eye infolds space-time data into the brain where it outfolds into hyperspace. How? The vibrations of molecular bonds on proteins in the brain, resonate with the hyperspace around which they are wrapped. No wonder the brain can store so much and process it so fast --It has access to a storage/processing medium as big as a universe.

The brain works like a reverse tree. In the brain, sense data attach to a tree structure, which then grows backwards --shrinking to a point, thus expanding into hyperspace.

The mirror is also like an eye, in that it too focusses to a point. We can arrange a pair of mirrors so that they show a cascade of images diminishing to a point in the mirror distance. So, the back of a mirror is like the back of the eyeball, and like the matter creation brane. All three have hyperspace on the other side.


On the other side of the mirror, the dimensions look the same as our own.
All seems properly to scale.

But, not always. The mirror world is only a true duplicate if the plane of the mirror is perfectly flat. When mirrors are curved, they transform the appearance of the mirror world. And when mirrors have complex curvature they entirely alter the picture. Just as mirrors can alter reality, quantum oscillators between the branes can do the same. As can black holes in space.

Here's how. A hi-fi speaker is an excellent model for comparison. The cone and membrane in the speaker vibrate (forward and back only) based on the modulations in the transmission from your favorite radio station. Now, imagine a membrane that not only moves forward/back, but can swivel up/down and left/right as well.

A Celestial Radio Station: in 1998 Draza Markovic and Frederick Lamb of the University of Illinois discovered wobbles in the inner part of the accretion disk that rotates around neutron stars. This Lense-Thirring precession is caused by dragging of inertial frames around a rotating mass. The wobble modulates the stars' X-ray emission by generating 'sidebands' on the strong kilohertz periodic oscillations.

Amazingly, just like a radio signal, the sidebands contain details of the stars' mass and spin, the local distortion of space-time, and the location of the stars' innermost stable orbit --all naturally encoded in the signal.

Like the neutron star at the macroscopic level, the quantum oscillators modulate reality on the microscopic scale. They sit astride the bridge between space-time and hyperspace. Like aircraft wings, the speed and angle of the two helical sweeps tweak the orientation of the plane bisecting the ball within the double vortices. So the wave function emitted by the quantum oscillator can alter reality much like a curved mirror transforms the image of reality, The shape of the vortex warps the curve of the branes.

The neutron star above is outfolding complex(more than 3D) mathematical functions into space-time, whereas the mirror and the human eye are both infolding space-time light waves into the maths of the complex dimension. In other words: what is on the other side of the mirror is like pure maths --like a wire-frame model in a computer-aided design program. Call it maths or call it music --both are expressions of the same process.

Hyperspace creates linear effects in space-time, space-time produces nonlinear effects as feedback to hyperspace. They overlap in the white energy ball between the vortices, where classic and quantum physics meet. When hyperspace functions slip through the quantum oscillator into space-time, they slow down by one light-speed dimension. And they infold into our reality --producing an outfolding response.

It would require a fabulous supercomputer to recalculate the entire universe every nanosecond. But the universe is the ultimate parallel processing system. Every bit of space-time is individually wrapped around the same complex plane. All points are in instant communication with a plane which operates light-speeds faster than our space-time.

Now for the mechanism of space hyperspace coupling. Recall the membrane in the neutron star which could wobble up/down and left/right. The eyeball has the same capability of articulation.

And even though the eye itself does not move forward and back, the focus of the eye can move forward and back. Just as the outside of the neutron star does not vary in distance fron us --but the inner part changes in apparent distance with variations fall of matter into the star. That makes the eye and the neutron star an infold/outfold pair, both of which articulate in three dimensions. The eye on earth gazes at the star in the heavens, each with complimentary structures.

The design of your body is no accident of chance. Your body's vertical axis is the Axis of Space, from head to toe. The articulating head and eyes (pun intended) represent ability to modulate space-time; the arms model the wave nature of space-time; and the legs demonstrate the capacity to structure matter in space-time

The Autonomic Time Axis, literally runs in one ear and out the other, and also through the outstretched arms. This axis generates the periodicity of the body --and of the heavenly bodies-- without requiring conscious monitoring. This periodicity determines how long various types of waves spend in hyperspace before they return to modify space-time.

The Axis of Consciousness is at 90 degrees to both the autonomic and space axes. It comes out through the eyes from the back of the head, balanced on the nose. Our consciousness sits astride two brains (branes). Our left brain is the highest classic interpreter of space-time, our right is the quantum modulator/creator of space-time The universe is like an AM/FM signal broadcast from the right brain. The left brain being the cosmic receiver.


We can now explain the cosmic observations showing a relatively recent increase in the rate of expansion of the universe. The puzzle was why this accelerated expansion should coincidentally be taking place around the time we humans have the technology to detect the increase. The solution is that apparent size of the universe is a function of increasing consciousness. Expansion of consciousness in hyperspace produces expansion of space-time.

And now the good news for Louis Pasteur. The location of those right-handed amino acids to match the left-handed ones in living tissues. They are out there in hyperspace. They are the concept structures of amino acids, and they are right-handed. So they produce left-handed counterparts in space-time Only living tissue concept structures are handed. Because non-living substance is mostly symmetrical, but life is handed.

Here's another example: most people are right-handed. Why? There is no credible evolutionary explanation based on natural selection. Indeed, chimpanzees, our closest relatives are ambidextrous. Once again, only the higher form of life is handed. Humans are the peak and center of creation.

When we look in a mirror, we perceive something that only humans can fully appreciate. Lower animal orders are oblivious to it's existence, only the peak of the evolutionary tree can see the mirror world. Humans are asymmetrical. Because asymmetry is the trait of life -especially higher life. Without asymmetry --the positive and negative energy would have simply canceled each other and life would stop. Asymmetry is the growth factor in the universe.

The a priori amino acid in the mirror is a concept. The universe is hologram founded on concepts like this at higher dimensions. Even today, the mind continues to unfold new concepts into reality. An automobile is a set of mental concepts turned into physical reality. A rule book of driving codes is another concept turned reality --and enforced by laws. Similarly, the whole universe has unfolded out of an infolded concept structure --and the resulting creation is likewise regulated by laws of nature.

Central to this model of the universe, are the two helices spinning out on opposite sides of a central point. The Now center point is a pivot point between concept and reality. This is the center point creates and is created by the future and the past.

That Now zone is found wherever a mirror plane exists.
Significantly, there is also a mirror on the surface of the water in a lake. There, the image of a tree standing by the lake shore may be mirrored in the water. If the wind is disturbing the surface of the water, it will show branches above and quivering branches below. It's not a true image of a tree. It's all branches.

A real tree has branches and roots. But as the roots are hidden from view, we often neglect them when we form a mental image of a tree. The Mirror Plane splits this Tree horizontally into branches and roots. Eureka! From out of the Now, Mind branches above, and matter Roots below. On opposite sides of a Mirror Plane. The roots of our universe are hidden like the roots of the tree.

A big breakthrough was made a year after this article:

SEE: A Cubed IO-Sphere Creates the World
: Sphere Eversion: Oscillating the Whole Universe

Fintan Dunne, TreeIncarnation.com, 17th September, 2002

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